Friday, July 6, 2012

Drums tuning

Yesterday, I tuned my drums. They really needed a well tuning.

I had to change the place where I play, so I thought about make some improves. I had to set again all the drums, of course. This time I think the ride and the 2nd tom are better placed than before. But before that, I spent about one hour and a half for tuning.

I never remember the number of twists I have to give to the screws, but I rather think, it's wrong to set a determined number. Firstly, I took the snare. (By the way, the next time I tune it, I should put some lubricant to a screw very hard to turn). I hope my snare support so much pressure as I've done the screws support. The heads are really tight this time, and that's better for playing.

Next, I took the first tom. I tuned it to the tone which I think it had been designed for, although it didn't sound like a tom, otherwise like a drum, but I left it to contrast with the others ones later.

The second tom sounded like a good tom once I tuned it, and I tuned the floor tom to the tone it was designed for. Although, the tuning was perfect, I hated the sound. The distance between tones was right, but I like a low tone. So I tried to put down the tuning and at the end I got it.

It wasn't easy. The top head had to be loose to get a tom impact sound, and the bottom tight to keep a high tone. The problem is that if you tune the top low and the tom needs to sound high, you need to tune the bottom very tight because you have to change doubly the tension in the bottom head to get the right tone than if you look for the right tone tuning the top one.

The second tom was easier, although the method was the same. And then, the floor tom heads was tuned very  low both of them. Later I tune the bass drum, I didn't really like how I tuned it, but I didn't how what bass drum sound I want, so I tried to do a good job with it.

Once, I tuned everything, I set the pedals.I didn't attain to adjust them well. I've tried to do it during all these weeks, several times, and I haven't strangely got it. I don't know what is wrong..., maybe the pedals, or the bass head...

It was time to set everything. All was set in a better place than before, ready to do a test. And I did it and did it and did it. I couldn't stop. Finally, I was proud of my job. Over all with the toms! They sounded amazing!

Now I can't wait to play again.

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