Thursday, June 28, 2012

Film review: Drive.

Drive is a film from 2011 about a Driver who works for robbers, obviously driving cars. One day, he accepts to work for someone to protect his love's life, but all goes wrong.

The film is starring by Ryan Gosling, and the woman of the film is Carey Mulligan.

I have to say that the trailer shows a film different from this one. It was totally different from I was expecting it to be...

Things that I like:

- It's a film where the cars are important.
- It works to spend an afternoon.
- ...

Things that I don't like:

- The end is awful. It is not happy and incomplete.
- The protagonist looks intelligent but he's terribly quiet, a expressionless character, who seems to act in slow motion.
- Quiet film, barely with no excitement neither frights.
- I definitively don't like the main actor.
- Good argument (in fact it's a book), but poor develop of it.
- No good love story.
- Only a few characters in the film.
- 90 minutes of duration. 45 of them wasted in boring scenes.
- Poor film. I want to think that it is because of a low budget.

If there is no way to see another action film, you can watch this one. I think it's better than I imagine. Anyway, don't you ever think about believe in IMDB, because it is a stupid page and if you believe in its ratings and not in the mine ones, you won't go to heaven.


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