Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Opera and Firefox. The origins.

Today, I've received a new update for my dear Opera and I've wondered, how the old browsers were, so I've resorted to my resources to find out more information. I already knew a website with lots of old versions of many software programs, which I like to visit, so this time, I've got the perfect excuse to download old software and try it.

I've really had  problems to install most of browsers I wanted to try, in such a way that I've got to make work two of them.


This has been my first thought. The oldest version I've been able to find has been the 3.00. Here is a snapshot.

As you can see, the content has been loaded perfectly. This version was released on December 01, 1997, when Opera programmers had no idea about flash, so that I haven't been able to log in Twitter, Youtube or similar, although the load progress in all websites has been instantaneous.
By the way, this was a paid version.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Foundation started to work rather later than Opera, so it stands out in their first browsers compared with Opera's first ones. The version I've tried has been the 0.6. This was a freeware version released on June 12, 2000. Here is a snapshot:

The skin is a bit better and the load of the websites is much better, but BUT BUT BUT BUT!!! IT'S CRASHED 3 TIMES BEFORE I COULD SEE THE BLOG!!! This version was freeware because no one wanted to paid for it! Sure.

Anyway, now we live in different times, and they both have evolved very much.

PS: Use Opera and you'll be happy.

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