Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Marvell SDGOB-0892 Wifi card pinout

In this post I'll show you the correct pinout for the SDGOB-0892 wifi card. TIME WASTE DISCLAIMER: Be warned I eventually don't get this to work as a wifi dongle despite the pinout being right.

I found this Marvell card in an HP inkjet printer, it uses a USB 2.0, so it's possible to connect it to a PC. Seems like in the internet there are some variants with different pinouts, but not this one.

Model Number: SDGOB-0892
IC: 466D-SDGOB892

- 1 and 8: VCC 3.3 V
- 2, 5 and 7: GND 0 V
- 3: D+
- 4: Not connected
- 6: D-

After wiring, I couldn't make it work on Windows 8.1, I got unrecognised USB. In Linux it was recognised fine:

But this wasn't enough for it to work. I guess it was a driver problem. I spent hours looking for the right one with no luck and left this at this point. Hope it helps somebody.


  1. Check this article:
    you probably need a driver installed.
    also, from the manufacturer documentation (
    The HP SDGOB-0892 or Marvell USB8786 802.11 b/g/n WLAN Client Module requires Fedora Kernel version for proper operation.
    Follow the steps below to upgrade the Fedora Core from ( Version) to Kernel Version:
    • Install Fedora Core 8, which has kernel version: Login fedora as root
    • Download :
    • Copy kernel- and kernel-devel- to your working directory, say, /(work). # cd /(work)
    • # rpm --force –ivh kernel-2.6. 24.4-64.fc8.i686.rpm (or double click this rpm icon) o this rpm is binary release for i686 (bootable kernel/modules)
    • Reboot the system.

    let us know if you made it work.

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment. I can't guarantee I'll try this any time soon, but if I do be sure I'll let you know. Cheers.