Sunday, April 26, 2015

The weird building

First of all, the difference between a house and a flat is pretty much all my knowledge about architecture. However, I'd like to show you and comment this building I've found.

This is the School of Telecommunications Engineering, in Valencia, Spain.

What made me stop was that "network" that covers the front of the building, it looked weird and fantastic. Firstly, I checked the distribution of the vertical stones, because it seemed to be randomly placed, and that couldn't be possible. Indeed, I was right. You can see the patterns with a little of observation.

I went nearer to see how it was held there, and more weirdness... If you look close, you'll see the long horizontal rows are made with several short stones. The vertical stones are joint to the horizontal ones. NEVERTHELESS, the horizontal ones are neither joint to the sides of the building nor between them! Crazy!

So!, how is it held? It seems to be attached to the top and to the center part of the building at very few points. This stone network is ALMOST FREE!

But not only that. The rows are noticeably inclined to the front besides.

It definitely is more exciting to see in reality than in pictures. As far as it doesn't fall and kill everyone, good job.

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