Sunday, August 25, 2013

Steps method

The Steps method is a 'methodology' which I've considering during several years and now it's time to explain.

The objective of this was evading the excess of worry about the things that we experience or will experience during our lives. I'll explain how it works with a simplified example:

Imagine one of your objectives in your life is driving from a place to another. This involves a series of Steps:
- First, you have to get your driving license.
- Second, you have to get a car.
- Finally, you drive.

3 steps.

What makes this rule good, useful, is that you only have to care about the current step where you are, not worrying about the next one or next ones. For example, here it'd be like this:

While you are trying to get your license you mustn't worry about how you can do to get a car.

The Step method works well in most of cases but the thing is, though, that not always works.

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