Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Five minutes ago, I was surfing my Facebook profile when I clicked in a link to my website, which I thought it was out of service. But it is still working.

I'm remembering when I liked composing little songs. I hadn't check my website earlier because I remembered the songs worse than they really are. Actually I like them, and I can't know how I was capable of doing that.

It is a lot of time since I tried for last time to compose something, and I couldn't get anything. The previous time to this last one, I neither got anything, and so a couple of previous times, so I left it.

What I feel when I listen to my songs and when I enjoy them, is sadness because of the fact that I couldn't find any purpose for them, any aim. I feel my little talent for composing is wasted.

I've thought sometimes about composing something bigger now (and this is assuming that I am able to compose again), but why? There is no motivation. For what? What is the purpose? What can I do with the result of several hours of work? The only thing I can do is showing it for some days in the networks.

I wish I had a purpose. I wish I were asked to do some composing work for some short video, for example.

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