Monday, December 17, 2012

Endless quarter

Here we are. This quarter doesn't want to finish and I need holidays. We don't work so hard to deserve them, but you know you get a pair of Christmas holiday weeks and your mind wants them to come.

The marking system continues strict like past year. The marks have become worse and, although you know it is usual at this stage, you don't feel as confident as usual.

There are subjects that are scheduled in your course just for f*cking you. I know people who agree with me.

We shouldn't complain because we're lucky, but today I'll do it.

PS: There are stupid lazy teachers, I hope someone reads this, who don't want to stop pupils cheating. Don't care about that. Pupils who cheat pass the exams with good marks (f*cking suspicious marks), they are not sillier for cheating because some exams contents are stupid and unnecessary ever more. Meanwhile, honest people get low marks and are penalized (and fail).

What is the reward it is supposed I get for not cheating?

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