Sunday, November 18, 2012

Jazz day

On Saturday I was in a jazz course. It started at 10 in the morning and finished at 9:30 in the afternoon, and it was a good experience.

When I arrived to the place in the morning I felt the most sleepy person in the class. The professional pianist who taught us asked for the drummer and I answered and sat to the drum set. At the beginning I felt very good, because I spoke to him about my incapacity for reading drum scores and surprisingly he told me that they were stupid and I won't needed them. Great!

Half an hour later I was playing drums with the band composed by the other people in the class. In the half an hour before this, the teacher gave to the class some theory rules, although there were nothing about that for drums. I have to affirm that for drummers there were nothing to learn in that course, (although you will know why I considered it was worthwhile taking it).

Well, as I was saying, I was playing drums, when another drummer arrived. Oh... I had to guess it... So I played one song more and I had to leave.

When I went out at lunch time for a rest I was quite upset with the organisation or something. Attention is never paid to percussion musicians. There is no problem with other musicians but, you can't pretend that two drummers enjoy together, never ever.

Anyway, although some partners left after lunch, I didn't give up.

In the afternoon, we (the drummers) decided that we had to distribute the sheets music and we did. Until 7 o'clock we rehearsed the songs and the teacher gave us some theory lessons again.

At 7 pm, the course finished and at 8, we had to show the progress of the day by organising a concert. In it, I played the first song, the other drummer the second and the following 5 or 6 songs were played by the teacher's band in order to show to the public how was his project and how beautiful will be making a jazz association in my area. I were visited by some friends unexpectedly, who saw my performance.
At that point I was happy of my playing. I was the first one, I enjoyed myself, I improvised, I played a difficult pattern with success, and finally the public clapped. Well done, and better than expected.

Later, the teacher's band played 5 or 6 songs. They sounded very good and different. The drums part was not which most called my attention, otherwise I liked others instruments such as tenor sax.
In that band was a female singer too, who was without a doubt the star of the concert. And she deserved that because she sang wonderful and played the guitar too. And moreover she studied biology at the same time she dealt with the band rehearsals.

And that was all. I didn't really learn anything however it was a good way to spend the day, (even though I don't want to remember I couldn't sleep until late on a Saturday...).

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