Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The new project

As many friends of mine know, I've started a new project, and I have to post it here as an official statement. I've decided to learn how to play the trombone, (exactly the tenor one, the usual one).
Yes, I have.

I haven't made my mind to do that overnight, otherwise I've been thinking about that since several weeks ago. If I haven't started before is because I have to cope with my studies and I was afraid the music takes all my mind, but I've realised it is now or never. Moreover, I don't want to waste my learning ease now I'm young, and that's what I'd been doing whether I let scape this opportunity. I guess I'll be able to deal with both things.

I've been very lucky for a few reasons really. Fortunately I haven't had to buy a trombone because I am a member of a musical association and they have one to lend me. I haven't neither had to buy even "trombone grease" or other thing, because all was included. Furthermore, my instrument is amazingly in very good conditions and looks excellent! (unlike other instruments to borrow). And the best is it has something called "transpositor", one function that will make easier my work. Here is a picture for you:

The last Friday I took my first class. My teacher had one little initiation book ready for me (great detail), so I started learning that day. Of course I finished the class with homework.

By now, I know 3 out of 7 positions and 3 notes: F, D# and D. I've been practising hard until I've achieved a good sound. I can't wait to take the next class on next Thursday. I need to learn more, I don't have any extra time, only the exact months and I will have to learn how to play band scores with it by then either way.

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