Monday, May 7, 2012

Film review: The Italian Job

The Italian Job is an amazing film from 2003 which a friend of mine recommended to me. Otherwise I hadn't watched it, because it's a bit old.

This film is mainly starring by Mark Wahlberg y Charlize Theron, although there are three or four more actors that I would call them protagonists too. Let's see what I  think about it:

Thing that I like:

- My favourite aspect is the argument. It's really amazing. There are several moments in which your heart explodes because of the adrenaline. It's very good.
- Good actors. Each one is perfect for his role.
- There are good car scenes.
- Not predictible argument.
- The great Jason Statham appears in the film and does a good job.
- There is a love story, although is in the background.
- The woman of the love story, Charlize (Stella), is beautiful.
- In the great argument, there aren't any moments  that make you suffer.
- Happy end.

Things that I don't like:

- Jason Statham appears but he's one of the "secondary protagonists", he's not one of the main protagonist!!!... I don't like that at all.
- In the beginning there are some loose ends.

In conclusion, I think this film is amazing, and it's been difficult for me to find another bad point besides the first one. I recommend it.

RATING: 9.5/10

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