Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pendrive tuning

I have a pendrive which is hung on my keys. This is a good pendrive, it's not old, otherwise you can save almost 8 GB of data in it. But, as I use quite a lot my keys, my device doesn't look like when I bought it. There was some lines and letters painted in it, but until the other day, the decoration can't be seen, it's was almost erased:
It looked very worn out and old. So I decided to design something new and paint it.

First I chose an easy design, but, when I was painting it, I had to use several kinds of paint, when I was working with satin paint I have no problems, but after, I wanted to use a colour only available in metallic paint and I think the way to paint is a bit different with this ones, so I didn't remember this trick and the paint fucked my work...
I got angry, it wasn't the first time it's happened me...

One time, I got over my anger, I had to sand everything and start again. This time I chose a different design, totally different. And after one day and 4 layers of paint, it's ready:

 This is a design totally different to the original, but I like it!

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